divorce mediation
divorce mediation
divorce mediation

Transparent Billing

The Problem

Navigating the divorce process can be intensely frustrating, and nothing compounds the inevitable anxiety more than constantly second-guessing an attorney's bill. While the code of conduct governing attorney billing helps protect clients from abuse, nothing protects clients from getting nickel-and-dimed to death -- minute by billable minute.

Perhaps most frustrating for clients, attorneys often bill for time spent that can't easily be verified. For instance, a simple entry reading “Review Client File” might reflect 45 minutes of attorney time. At $375 an hour, this amounts to a not-insignificant $281. Add in the ubiquitous “Memo-to-File” and another half-hour of time ($187), and the total reaches $468. All this for something that doesn't much feel like progress. Worse yet, you may see this cycle repeated many times over.

Second-guessing your attorney's bill is not only anxiety-inducing, but it also consumes valuable time and energy that should be devoted to more important tasks, such as unwinding your marriage in the most constructive way possible.

The Solution

To make the divorce mediation process less stressful, we have designed our practice to make billing transparent. This means that you will know exactly what you are being charged for, every step of the way. To accomplish this, we use a combination of a flat fee and billable hours.

By charging a flat fee for preparing your marital separation agreement and all required court filings, we reduce the uncertainty that often accompanies the divorce process. Instead of agonizing over how much the second revision of your marital separation agreement is costing you, you can relax knowing that the extra work won't cost you another dime.

By charging hourly only for direct communication with my clients, we eliminate the unsettling notion that the clock is constantly running. If we are billing you by the hour, it means that we are either sitting face-to-face in a mediation session, or we are responding to your phone call or email. In other words, our clients know exactly when the billable meter is running. They never need to worry about paying to have their file reviewed or to have a memo drafted. Perhaps more significantly, they don't need to worry about being billed for the time we spend preparing for each mediation session.