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divorce mediation
divorce mediation

Divorce for Grownups

Divorce mediation book - "Divorce for Grownups"

A certain degree of stress and frustration is inevitable when divorce looms on the horizon, but the process doesn't have to be a disaster. Couples who end their marriage with dignity reap enormous emotional and financial benefits. Not only will they avoid the bitterness that accompanies an adversarial divorce, but they can also save thousands of dollars in legal fees and maintain a healthy working relationship for years to come (critical for successful co-parenting).

A unique mixture of common-sense advice and easy-to-read explanations of applicable law, Divorce for Grownups is a comprehensive guide to separating with dignity in California. Topics covered include:

  • The benefits of divorce mediation, including a guide to surviving a high-conflict divorce
  • A step-by-step guide to the legal process of obtaining a divorce in California
  • Detailed instructions on how to divide assets and debts, complete with an overview of community property law
  • Practical advice regarding spousal support, together with an analysis of relevant law
  • A detailed explanation of how child support is calculated in California, as well as exceptions to the state-mandated formula
  • An in-depth analysis of various approaches to dividing the family home
  • Key elements of an effective parenting plan
  • An overview of estate planning essentials

We are happy to provide a complimentary copy of Divorce for Grownups to any prospective client who comes into one of our offices for a consultation. For those who are interested in purchasing the book, it can be found here:

Amazon: Divorce for Grownups